Blast4Traffic is a operate which allows we to email 70 million targeted prospects each month. According to a company, a emails have been not sent as SPAM since they have been opt-in prospects. This ensures which we won?t put yourself during risk of being blacklisted by email companies or close down by your ISP.

Detailed Overview

Blast4Traffic is what?s fundamentally great known in a Internet selling attention as a safelist. A Safelist is an email list in which prospects have sealed up, similar to embrace report (as against to lists which were built regulating email harvesting programs).

The association boasts a list of 70 million opt-in prospects, though there is zero which backs up their claim. It is really doubtful which we get entrance to a list of 70 million for a tiny cost we compensate ($34.50). The actuality which we can email a list as many as we wish is a revealing pointer which a list is of bad quality. Legitimate email let companies will assign we anywhere from 3-5 cents per name as great as usually concede we to mail to their list once to say a quality.

Once we login, we have been supposing with instructions upon how to operate their apparatus presented by video tutorials. There have been a small utilitarian facilities together with a capability to store up to 10 email messages in a account. You can additionally send full tone HTML email ads with Blast4Traffic. From my experience, it?s improved to operate unchanging calm email when regulating safelists. This is since these people embrace consistent barrages of promotional summary as great as a odds of an HTML email removing sent to a spam printed matter is higher.

You?re additionally since an ad tracking apparatus to lane your results. You can magnitude your clicks as great as your impressions. In my opinion, we have been substantially improved off regulating your own collection so which we can magnitude conversions as well. For one more advertising, we get to place twenty calm or ensign ads upon Blast4Traffic?s site. The ads crop up upon a membership page of a site as great as alternative members will see your ad.

The membership comes with multiform bonuses. There is a giveaway HTML editor as great as tutorials upon how to operate it, a module which helps we emanate 3-D headers, a pop-up software, an anti-spyware module program, resell right products as great as a module which lets we encrypt your links.

I found which a bonuses lacked value. All a module programs as great as products we get can be found for giveaway if we demeanour for them in a poke engines. Most of a eBooks have been low peculiarity products which enclose recycled calm from alternative products as great as giveaway articles.

But what?s a outcome upon a operate itself? Customers have complained which they did not get any kind of formula from their email blasts. Customers tracking their campaigns had reported which they purebred feign hits as mixed clicks came from a same IP address. Others reported which they didn?t even register any impressions.


As with many services which explain we can send your promotion summary to millions of people for cents upon a dollars, Blast4Traffic is as well great to be true. There is zero which indicates which a email lists have been targeted as a association suggests.

Again, Blast4Traffic has gotten disastrous examination from customers. Very small of a emails were opened, as great as there were frequency any clicks which resulted from promulgation out a email promotions. It?s really expected which many of a emails have been deserted from being sent thousands of emails per day. we strongly indicate we equivocate regulating this service.

>>> Click Here to Visit Blast 4 Traffic Official Site <<<

>>> Click Here to Visit Blast 4 Traffic Official Site <<<

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