Safe Mail Services is a operate which allows we to mail over 96 million prospects per month. The association states which their operate is filled with opt-in leads as well as agreeable with SPAM laws. This protects we from removing in difficulty with your ISP, web hosting company, as well as from removing blacklisted by a vital email operate providers.

Detailed Overview

Safe Mail Services runs what’s called a safelist. A safelist is a database of email recipients which have since accede to be mailed creation it protected to email. Usually safelists have been communities of marketers which have been mailing any other’s offers.

The association states which we can mail 3 million emails per day as well as which a recipients have been all stand in opt-in leads. To stick upon a membership, it costs a small $34.95. From my experience, many safelists which assign we this kind of price customarily consists of bad peculiarity leads or passed ones. But let’s see how Safe Mail Services functions prior to creation judgement.

When we login, we can go by a instructions upon how to operate their email tool. You can send your ads in possibly content or HTML. You can additionally hide flash, attachments as well as images in to your emails though any problems. Regular content is substantially a many appropriate preference in sequence to get your emails delivered to a person’s inbox successfully.

Because they’ve picked up a names of a leads, we can personalize your email announcements for a improved response. If we want, we can save your emails upon a site as well as operate it for destiny email campaigns. You’re additionally protected from SPAM complaints since we have been promulgation emails from their server.

I instruct we knew how they generated all their leads, though a association doesn’t give we which information. That’s because a peculiarity of a list is questionable. As distant as a services goes, I’ve usually seen disastrous feedback from users.


Safe Mail Services is a operate which is not as obvious as alternative email blustering companies. From a couple of responses I’ve seen, a operate did not furnish great formula for a customers. I’ve attempted it myself by promulgation out a couple of biz-op offers, as well as we didn’t get any leads or sales.

The many appropriate reason is which a list is burnt out from being sent tons of promotional mails. The users have substantially deserted a email comment or filter your emails to a spam folder. There is additionally no approach to aim your email towards a specific organisation of prospects such as people meddlesome in gardening, biz-ops, etc. we consider it’s protected to contend which many of a people upon a list have been meddlesome in biz-op offers. From feedback as well as personal use, we have to contend which a operate is a bad investment of your time as well as money.

>>> Click Here to Visit Safe Mail Services Official Site <<<

>>> Click Here to Visit Safe Mail Services Official Site <<<